Switching to gas requires a qualified technician.

If electrical appliances aren’t meeting your home’s standards, gas alternatives are another popular option. There are many reasons why you may consider using gas in your household – so to help with your decision, here is what you need to know about installing gas in your Wollongong home.

Why choose gas?

  • Gas is more efficient than other energy sources, saving you money!
  • Natural gas is one of the safest energy sources
  • From an endless supply of hot water, to instant heat control in the kitchen – everything becomes available at the press of a button
  • Power a wide range of household appliances
  • Add value to your property
  • An environmentally friendly option
  • Australia has an abundance of natural gas, so you’ll never have to worry about running out!
  • Once installed, gas is easy and convenient to use

Service Today can fit your home correctly

Whether you are considering using gas for heating or cooking, you must arrange for installation by an experienced and qualified tradesman.

When a Service Today technician is carrying out gas fitting in your home, you can be ensured that they are:

  • Fully licensed and compliant
  • Completely insured
  • Highly experienced in every aspect of gas fitting
  • Equipped with the correct materials for efficient installation
  • Able to provide compliance documentation on completion
  • Fast and efficient, without disturbing your daily routine

Service Today technicians in Wollongong understand every aspect of gas fitting; from quoting through to completion. Our expert solutions can save you on installation and operational costs, while ensuring the safety of all pipes and fittings. We also offer gas servicing and maintenance, available at your request.

Enquire about a Service Today gas fitting now! Call 02 4210 9689 now and if we can’t book you in today, it’s FREE!